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Evolution, known as the main actor in nature. Evolution of one original idea is responsible for the creation of one unique fashion brand. The story begins in 2009. As st-ART-er begun experimenting with the idea of creating the ideal blend of art and fashion. Which at that time wasn’t available on the market. And so it happened, new fashion project up&down was created. With big interests, two other persons joined in. As the project wasn’t going according to plans, the couple deserted and st-ART-er had to switch plans.

The second step continued in the year 2013. This time as one man project Pueta Macunte. Resuming the idea more practically this time. Yet it wasn’t enough for a flourishing st-ART. Even the products were all handmade, with just one man behind such an exceptional idea, it seems impossible this time.

Nevertheless, gained experiences and grown-up ideas have brought one p-ART-ner and two other guys together. This happened in spring 2016. Everyone set up their tasks and had focused on own specialization. As it happens to be in evolution, with big plans and large expectations comes often huge fall. 4 people, 3 different ideas, 2 flim-flamers and one building. There was no way this could happen. But as the fashion brand name ART intentions say, it fulfilled it’s predestination and became the foundation of a brand new ART fashion project.

New-born from its own ashes comes ART paradox as Phoenix back to life. The original idea evolved much further. St-ART-er with p-ART-ner took the chance, in creating fashion, not known to mankind before. Redefined from easy fashion to artistic masterpiece of each clothing. Unique, handmade in limited badges. Screen printed by our own hands on T-shirts with the ideal fit created by our fashion specialists for everyday wearing. Packed in recycled cardboards, delivered always on time with a lovely present and a special certificate of origin. Therefore we guarantee that every piece is unique and technically and artistically perfect. And handmade just for you.

Legendary artists created art for eternity, not for the moment. And that is the main difference between our brand and fast fashion. Now take on a tour through our e-fashion gallery and choose the most suitable piece for yourself. You deserve it. And remember, ART macht frei!